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Peter de Necker

Peter de Necker was born in South Africa. After graduating from Goudstad Teachers Training College in 1976 he taught mathematics, science and carpentry for 7 years. Propeller making started as a hobby and in 1983 he bought a second-hand Fledge, powered by a single cylinder 22 hp Sachs engine.

To date he has designed and carved over 2400 propellers for the microlight industry, amateur-built aircraft, motorised gliders, vintage aircraft, the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Aeronautical Division, Integrated Systems and Technologies (spy planes), Agricura Crop Spraying Services, Orsmond Aerial Services and Kentron Military Division. Peter lives in Randburg in the Gauteng Province of South Africa with his wife Bets and his daughter Lizaan.

To contact Peter de Necker with any queries you may have about propellers in general or to get a quotation on a new prop for your aircraft please feel free to get in touch with him by the following means… He is waiting to assist you!